Who I Am

I am a mother, graphic designer, and Commercial Producer at WBBJ. With more than 7 years experience, I landed in West TN a couple years ago and have slowly but surely found my way. I will always geek out over a new color palette, just like I’ll go crazy over the *perfect* font. Bouncing new ideas around with clients and guiding them through the design process, truly brings me joy.

My passion for design began when I attended my very first graphic design class in high school (shoutout to you, Ms. Burger) and has continued to grow ever since. This love of design coupled with the desire to help people is at the core of what I do. My goal is simple: to make good design accessible and affordable for everyone.

When not working on projects for WBBJ, I offer affordable graphic design services both in-person (Jackson, TN) and online. Feel free to check out my "journal" featuring creative tips, tricks, and the importance of good design.