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Just Peachy in Jackson

Joseph & Mary • Save the Date

Joseph & Mary • Save the Date

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Our Tapestry Collection is classy and elegant, perfect for announcing your upcoming union. This listing is a made-to-order download. All you need to do is Personalize > Purchase > (wait for the) Proof > Print!

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The Love Story Behind the Design

Joseph & Mary's love story is one of unwavering faith, trust, and divine providence. Chose by God to be the earthly parents of Jesus, they faced numerous challenges and uncertainties along their way. Despite initial confusion and fear, Joseph's unwavering belief in God's plan led him to embrace Mary and protect her honor, demonstrating his steadfast love and devotion. Mary, in turn, exhibited profound faith and humility, accepting her role as the mother of the Messiah, with grace and obedience. Together, they endured the trials of exile and persecution, united by their shared devotion to God and their mutual commitment to raising Jesus in accordance to Torah. Their love exemplifies the power of faith, sacrifice, and diving love to overcome adversity and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

***Note: Please be sure to follow all Ordering Best Practices and remember, this is a Made-to-order download.

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